Welcome!    Date: 2015-3-27

Powertrain Development

Engine development and test
Engine performance test
Engine durability test
Engine combustion development and calibration
Technical methods
AVL engine performance bench
Engine durability bench
Transmission development and verification test
Development of transmission durability cycle based on real road condition in China
Powertrain/Transmission test in the vehicle environment based on the real-time speed model
Electronic control technology support of automatic transmission
Matching & Optimization of powertrain
Technical methods
Powertrain bench of four-wheels-drive with five motors
Transmission automatic test equipment
Automatic transmission & engine joint test equipment
Powertrain bench of tow-wheels-drive with three motors
The dynamic and economic performance of AERI contain three modules
Benchmark test & evaluation of vehicle dynamic and economic performance
Optimization of vehicle Fuel consumption efficiency
Dynamic and economic performance development
Technical methods
Test& verification platform
Simulation technology platform

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