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Powertrain Testing

Engine Test Bed

AVL PUMA automation V1.5.1, with 4 CAN lines that allow recording of data from engine ECU or control of automatic test runs using data from ECU

Engine test bed-AVL AWD

Extremely low inertia AVL motor (DynoPrime) with special torque-speed characteristic to replace engine (inc. simulation software)

4 off AC motors (DynoTrain) as wheel dynos with additional short time overload capability

AVL fuel mass flow meter

ATF conditioning system

AVL AMA i60 emission analyzer

Engine test bed-AVL AWD automation system

AVL PUMA Powertrain Testing complies with ASAM standard

Vehicle, road and driver simulation

UUT control interface (8 CAN channels, ASAM_MCD interface etc.) emulates sensor information on CAN Bus for vehicle controllers

Over the ASAM-MCD 3MC Interface, PUMA System has access to ECU

Actuator for automatic and manual transmissions (inc. clutch actuator, shifting force and travel measurement)

Engine test bed-Hybrid powertrain

Low inertia high speed AC dyno

Bitrode battery simulator

Yokogawa power analyzer (via PUMA control)

Diesel aftertreament calibration & testing

Siemens LDS6 gas analyzer provides online measurement of NH3 slip from diesel SCR system

AVL PLUrea provides shot to shot or continuous measurement of diesel SCR urea consumption

Engine test instrumentations

AVL fuel mass flow meter with fuel temperature control with measuring accuracy of 0.12%

AVL Opacimeter 439 and 415S Smoke Meter

AVL partial flow particulate sampler SPC 472

AVL AMA i60 emission bench (NO/Nox, CO, CO2, THC, CH4, O2)

Engine intake, coolant, charge and oil conditioning systems to control engine test conditions

Engine test measures

ABB air mass flow meter with measuring accuracy of 1%

Provides 32 channels of pressure measurement 16 channels of temperature measurement

Yokogawa Electromagnetic flow meter provides coolant flow rate for engine heat exchange evaluation

NI high speed data acquisition system provides extra signal measurement

Engine surface temperature measurement system and heat camera enable measurement of engine surface heat dissipation

Powertrain development system

Virtual drive at test bed

dSPACE and AVL InMotion provide virtual vehicle-driver-road-traffic-environment for engine, transmission, powertrain or vehicle under test to evaluate real-world driving behavior at test bed

Provides efficient and complete test of ECU, engine, transmission, powertrain or vehicle at test bed, to verify system performance, durability, fuel economy and emission under real-world driving conditions

Engine combustion development and calibration

AVL 8-channel combustion measurement system with Indicom data acquisition and analysis software

6 off Kistler PiezoStar pressure sensors and smart amplifiers

AVL crank angle encoder and pulse amplifier provide revolution signal at 0.1?Crank Angle

For combustion development including cold start analysis and real time knock monitor

ETAS INCA, ES592 ETK, CAN and LIN Interface Module , ES631 Lambda meter

Vehicle thermal management development and test

Thermal management system development using CAE tools from 1D to 3D simulation

Test facilities to meet development requirements of different levels: cooling system rig, engine test bed, powertrain test bed, chassis dyno and climate chamber

Professional instrumentation, e.g. Yokogawa electromagnetic flow meter and Tokyo Keiso radiator air flow measurement system, and NI data acquiring system delivers high quality results

8X8 HD vehicle chassis dyno

MAHA 72” 8X8 HD chassis dyno for vehicle with wheelbase of 3~8m and GVW of 3~35ton

AVL fuel mass flow meter and emission system

Capabilities: China HD vehicle fuel economy cycle, hybrid vehicle fuel economy and emission test, commercial vehicle performance development and verification

Vehicle Dyno durability test

Local sourced eddy current and hydraulic engine dynos with power rating 160~750kW. Cost effective solution for engine durability tests e.g. thermal shock test

AVL 2WD and 4WD durability chassis dyno with STAHLE driver robot. Capable of tailored cycle durability test

VOC-Emission physical and chemical analysis lab


In vehicle VOC analysis;

VOC analysis in exhaust;

Organic soluble composition SOF analysis in particles;

Element composition analysis in the gases and particles in fuel, lubricant and exhaust emission;

Appearance and crystal grid analysis of particles;

Analysis on the wearing of metal surface.

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