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Active / Passive Safety Testing

Multi-angle crash test Lab

Equipments specifications

The longest straight track reaches 300m

There are 8 tracks on crush test ground with 15°angle interval between every two tracks

Maximum speed: 120Km/h

Crush tests: frontal, side, offset, angular impact, column barrier impact,car to car angular test

instrumented crush wall with high accuracy

accelerated trolley

tumbling test This impact test lab is expected to be put into use in 2012

Crash Wall System


Through cooperating with Switzerland KISTLER,CATARC became the first one in China introducing and applying “instrumented crash wall inspection system”. the test system is installed on the original test apparatus in impact test, so that it can precisely measure impact force generated in either offset or frontal impact, obtain data on the force distribution and time course. Such system is an essential part of advanced impact test system, which can assist to improve passive safety technologies, and investigation of major obstacles in promoting passive safety technologies.

Sled crash test

Facility capabilities

Suitcase slam test (GB15083, ECE R17)

Child seat dynamic test(ECE R44, FMVSS213)

Door lock dynamic test(GB15086, ECE R11)

Seat belt dynamic test(GB14166, ECE R16)

Seat durability dynamic test(GB1508, ECE R17)

Head restraint durability dynamic test(Whiplash)(FMVSS202a, Euro-NCAP)

Dynamic test of cylinder mounting strength(ECE R67、ECE R110)

Internal projection performance dynamic test for passenger protection(GB11552、ECE R21)

Pedestrian protection

Pedestrian protection tests

The pedestrian protection tests are conducted complying with EEVCWG17, EEC 2005/66, EEC 2006/368, EEC 2003/102 and EEC 2004/90, and include inspection of injuries on head, thigh or lap.

Seat belt and airbag calibration test

Facility capabilities

Airbag development and match test: column impact test, impact test of 30°angle, rigid wall offset impact test, and impact tests at different tract speeds.

Airbag integrity test: airbag detonation static test, and dropping simulating test of head and chest modules.

Impact test that a real car rushing into the lower part of truck for protection devices assessment: whiplash test simulating impact between a passenger vehicle and the large truck.

Side column impact test:29km/h in E-NCAP.

Trolley frontal impact: airbags and seat belts matching test, the dynamic performance of seats and other parts.

high rate material tester


Metal material high speed performance test

Multi-function material tester


Performance tests on tensile, compression, bending of non-metallic materials, metal materials and other performance tests

Equipped with the appropriate accessories, this apparatus can conduct such performance tests as durability, stress relaxation, low cycle

loop test and in the high or low temperature tensile properties tests.

Safety test

Internal protrusions

Internal protrusion performance dynamic tests comply with GB11552, ECE R21, EEC 74/60 and FMVSS201

Low speed crash test

Can be used to test performance of frontal and rear part complying with ECE R42, FMVSS 581, GB17354, as well as ECE R29

Door roof strength test

Vehicle door and roof strength test: complying with FMVSS 216 and FMVSS 214

Seatbelt anchorage test

Seatbelt anchorage complying with ECE R14, EEC 76/115, FMVSS 210,GB 14167 or automaker’s standards, this device can inspect performance of seat belt anchorage and ISOFIX child seat anchorage etc.

Seatbelt testing

The devices can conduct seat belt test according to ECE R16, ECE 77/541, FMVSS 209 and GB14166, as well as relevant Japanese auto safety standards


This apparatus can conduct test complying with ECE R17, ECE R80, ECE R25, EEC 74/408,EEC 78/932, FMVSS 202a, FMVSS 207, GB 11550, GB 15083 and GB 13057

Flip test-bed for child seat which conduct child seat tests according to ECE 14,ECE 16 and ECE 44

Rearview mirror testing

Can conduct internal and external rearview mirror test complying with QC/T 531, ECE R46, EEC 71/127, FMVSS 111and GB15084.

Air spring testing

pneumatic springs performance test For physical performance tests of tensile, bending of automotive interior materials, and pneumatic springs with QC/T 207

Door lock, door hinge test

vehicle door locks, door hinges test can be conducted according to ECE R11,EEC 70/387, FMVSS 206 and GB15086

Fuel tank test

automobile fuel tank performance test comply with ECE R34,EEC 70/221 and GB 18296

Interior trim flame test

flame retardancy test of interior trim can be conducted according to GB 84 10, FMVSS 302, ECE R118 and EEC 95/28

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