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Vehicle Dynamic Road Testing

The fatigue /strength test

The fatigue test ability

Structural strength fatigue endurance test

Power system fatigue endurance test

Durability test program optimization

The strength test ability

Tire/wheel keep force test

Party pit impact test

Wheel accessories key life test

Wheel and tire edge relative sliding test

Tire pressure roll out resistance test

Wheel barrier impact test

Astern road-edge impact test

Front wheel and the wheel hub durability life test

8 font test

The reinforcement corrosion test

High level corrosion test standard

With perfect corrosive test sign for standard, the standard of different levels and different components of visibility, and different market has the very good pertinence

Strictly control every test intensity, ensure consistency test

Help enterprises to reduce the risk and cost of 3 packets of recall

Vehicle road test


Equipped with the whole analysis system of Handling test from Kistler Company

Handling Stability Test

suitable for the standards of GB/T 6323.1 ~ 6、QC/T 480、ISO 3888-2:2002, including stable turning, turning statistic reaction (angle pulse of the steering wheel, step input), steering wheel return, easy steering and Pylon Course Slalom Test.

Ride Test

meet the test requirements of GB/T 4970-2009.

Dynamic Test

Can test vehicle acceleration, highest speed, lowest speed, climbing capability

Can test vehicle acceleration, highest speed, lowest speed, climbing capability

Braking Performance Testing

Meet the requirement of GB/T 13594. Meet the testing

requirements to the ABS capacity of M, N and O type vehicles in ECE R13.

Fuel Consumption Testing

Meet the testing requirements to the fuel economy of M,N and O type vehicles in GB-T 12545.2-2001、GB T 4352-2007、GB T 4353-2007、JT 719-2008、GB T 12545.1-2008.

Handling Comfort Testing

can do the handling comfort test according to company standards (such as pedal force, pedal route, shift force, open and close door force, etc.).

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